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Visbons - Português


PDF português version of Fer Juaristi's VISBONS Book

The possibilities of framing a piece of reality to immortalize it in a photograph are endless. Where are the criteria to choose what stays and what goes in an image? To say it’s in the photographer’s technique wouldn’t begin to describe it, especially if it’s one who in each shot is faithful not only to his style, but also to his soul. Fer Juaristi’s clicks reveal the beliefs, desires, passions, instincts, and roots of an artist who has found in the camera an instrument to tell the world what we should feel proud of.

In his first book, “Visbons” (now in português), Fer shares some of his “visual boners” along with the ideas that have taken him on the path of making photography a way of life. On the journey through the inspiration-loaded pages, there will be several tips for flying higher in the art of capturing a moment and signing it with the indelible ink of an emotion, though I dare say the last phrase includes the rest by way of an extraordinary conclusion: “Grateful for what you have, fearless with what you want”.

By the end of the ride, whether you are a photographer or not, you will be left with the desire to follow that voice that makes you unique; that voice which makes you see the world in a way no one else can.

44 pages

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